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〔原文〕We met at the school gate and went there together early in the morning.

〔修正〕Early in the morning we met at the school gate and went there together.

〔原文〕The young man couldn't help crying when he heard the bad news.

〔修正〕Hearing the bad news, the young man couldn't help crying.




〔原文〕I met him in the street yesterday.

〔修正〕It was in the street that I met him yesterday.

It was yesterday that I met him in the street.


He sat in a chair with a newspaper in the hand.


Satisfied with the result,He decided to go on with a new experiment.


Only in this way can we achieve our goal.

Never before have I seen such a wonderful film.

Not only should we study in the college, but also learn how to be a decent person.


If so,victory will be ours.

You can make some changes wherever necessary.


〔原文〕He stopped us half an hour ago. He made us catch the next offender.

〔修正〕He stopped us half an hour ago and made us catch the next offender.

〔原文〕We had a short rest. Then we began to play happily. We sang and danced.

Some told stories. Some played chess.

〔修正〕After a short rest, we had great fun singing and dancing, telling jokes and playing chess.注意使用不同长度的句子,要结合使用,不能只用短句或只用长句.


①递进: then(然后), besides(还有), furthermore(而且), moreover(此外)等.

②转折: however(然而), but(但是), on the contrary (相反), after all(毕竟)等.

③总结: finally(最后), at last(最后), in brief(总之), in conclusion(最后)等.

④强调: indeed(确实), certainly(一定), surely(确定), above all(尤其)等.

⑤对比: in the same way(同样地), just as(正如), on the one hand…on the other hand(一方面……另一方面……)等.

相似的比较: similarly, in the same manner 相反的比较: on the other hand, conversely, whereas, while, instead, nevertheless, in contrast, on the contrary, compared with …,


〔原文〕A new railway is being built in my hometown.

〔修正〕A new railway is under construction in my hometown.


〔原文〕I like reading while my brother likes watching television.

〔修正〕I like reading while my brother enjoys watching television.

I like reading while watching television appeals to my brother.

三、 结尾

1、 All in all, what really matters is, in fact, that……(比如说到和谐社会 All in all, what really matters is, in fact, that we should build our society a harmonious society.)

2、 Therefore, it's not difficult to draw a conclusion that……

3、 As a result , we should take effective measures to do sth.(我们必须采取一些有效的措施来做些什么)

4、 From what has been discussed above , we may conclude that ……

5、 Obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others.


1、 陈述个人的观点

It is alleged that(据说)

In my view, both sides are partly right(两方面都部分的正确)

As far as I am concerned(就我而言)

As regards to me

My own point of view is that……

Personally, I believe that……

My experience tells me that……

The invention of the handset, I dare to say, turns out to be a tremendous hit.

The application of web sites, I dare to say, turns out to be a greatly hit.

It comes as no surprise that Chinese economy becomes increasingly hot.

2、 陈述别人的观点

Other individuals, however, take the attitude that……

(错误的观点)sb is under the false belief that……

3、 图表作文

The table showsindicates reveals that ……(表明、暗示、揭示)

According to the statistics showing in that graph, we can easliy seefound……(根据表中的数据,我们可以看见,发现)

As seen from the chart/ As is portrayed in the picture

Sales went into a slight decline=sales declined slightly(小幅下降)

Sales declined dramatically/sharply/greatly/hugely (大幅下降)高考英语作文万能模板

A brief glimpse at our campus (the picture/cartoon/caricature) vividly shows that mobile phone, becoming more and more prevalent.


the machinethe device 代替 computer

handset代替 cell phone

*The Middle Kingdom代替 China

intenselycrucially important代替 very important (it is crucially important that the benefits of collective be on our priority.)

approaches代替 ways

current(currently) 代替 now

growing individuals代替 more and more people

individuals/ characters/ folks 代替 people, persons

positive, favorable, rosy(美好的), promising(有希望的), perfect, pleasurable, excellent, outstanding, 代替 good

unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill 代替 bad

an army of, an ocean of, a multitude of 代替 many, a lot of

take the attitude that, hold the view that, it is widely shared that, it is universally acknowledged that 代替 think

affair, business, matter 代替 thing

for my part, from my own perspective 代替 in my opinion

beneficial, rewarding 代替 helpful

exceedingly, extremely, intensely 代替 very

pour attention into代替 pay attention to

bear in mind that代替remember

enjoy, possess代替 have

to name only a few/ as an example代替for example/ instance


老年人the oldelderly aged elderly population senior citizens

年轻人youthyoungster young adults adolescent

中年人middle adults

网吧cyber café 网虫mouse potato 电视迷couch potato

优秀的学生outstanding/superior/rare/top students

坏的影响ill effects

农村rural 郊区suburban 城里urban

在当代社会in contemporary society

双赢a win-win situation 双输 a lose-lose situation

建设有中国特色的社会主义build socialism with Chinese characteristics ,form a economic system with Chinese characteristics


I would appreciate it very much If you ……

I am thrilled to receive your mail.

Looking forward to a prompt response.


1、 have growing respect for 越来越重视

Coincident with the fast growing economy, China has growing respect for protecting the environment and controlling population. 随着经济的迅速发展,中国也越来越重视环境保护和控制人口了.

2、 enable sb to do sth (使某人可以做某事)

It enable us to build a harmonious society.

3、 另外 In addition/ Additionally/ on top of that

Additionally, there is another reason for the appearance of this phenomenon.(现象)


The real power resides in the people.(真正的权力属于人民)

We must fight against the bureaucracy in order to improve governmental work.(为了提高政府部门的工作效率,我们必须与官僚作风作斗争.)

Litter by little, our knowledge will be enriched, and our horizons will be greatly broadened.(慢慢的,我们的知识会充实,我们的视野会开阔.)

As a classic proverb goes that no garden has no weeds.(常言道,任何事物都有两面的.)也可以用 every sword has two edges. Everything has both dark sides and bright sides.

Taiwan is an integral part of China.(台湾是中国不可分割的一部分.)


Coincident with the fast growing national economy, there exists an unfavorable坏的现象 (favorable好的现象) and prevalent phenomenon in China. It is estimated that (相关数据,例如:eight out of ten individuals possess a handset十个人中有八个有手机了).

Why have there been so many (某种现象)? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. Firstly /in the first place (原因一). Besides,/secondly (原因二). On top of that/additionally (原因三). the main cause of (某种现象) is due to (最主要原因). It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing, (解决办法一). On the other hand, (解决办法二). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of (某种现象).


1. 相反,有一些人赞成,他们相信,而且,他们认为。 On the contrary,there are some people in favor of ___.At the same time,they say____. 2. 但是,我认为这不是解决的好方法,比如。最...[阅读全文]

Recently _______,what amazes us most is______________,it is ture that__________. There are many reasons explaining_____________________.Themain reason is____________________.what i...[阅读全文]